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What People Are Saying About Us

Just a quick thank-you for all your help in resolving my carpenter ant issues.
Your service has been outstanding!
I found that not only were you very knowledgeable about my problems but courteous in your regard for me and my health problems and more than willing to get right in there and find where these dam ants were coming from!!!! (their colony).
I appreciate all you have done for my family and will highly recommend your service to my friends and family without hesitation---thanks again for everything,---Bill Morin

T and T helped us out with an Ant problem.
We had ants in the house and could not figure out where they were coming from. They did a full inspection and did not stop until they found the main cause of our problems.
The company was very professional and cared more about the quality of the end result than anything else. 
We did see some ants afterwards but they were outside the house (on our deck). They came in again and did some minor spraying even though I told them it wasn't necessary since the ants we not in the house.  Since then we have had no issues!
We really appreciated his attention to detail and follow-up service. T. Griffith

We used TandT Pest Services this spring because we had a problem with wasps that was getting worse every year.
The exterminator was very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. He did a thorough job of examining the premises to see where these pests were entering and I am VERY happy that we no longer have a problem with wasps!! 
He responds quickly to any concerns or questions you have and even followed up an email response with a phone call to make sure I had my answers (little things that show you care about your customers). Highly recommend them!!  Irena

We have been the proud customers of  T and T Pest Services for several years now.I say "proud customers" not because we had a spider and carpenter ant problem but because we are pleased to be associated with a company that is so customer service oriented and knowledgeable of their profession.Living near a ravine the spiders in particular are plentiful and large. I cannot tell you how many times my husband previously has had to "save" me from a spider's menacing least that's how I remember it!T and T has taken care of this issue by spraying the outside of the house including all entry points among other things. They always explains what they are going to do in advance and is thorough with their knowledge. My husband and I have and will continue to recommend T and T to anyone with a bug problem (hey, we live in Bruce County so who doesn't).- Paul and Lydia

My backyard was being overrun with ants.
I called T and T who came over and found a number of nests. They explained to me how just spraying the backyard would not "fix" the problem as you needed to kill the queen and the colony that was in the nest under ground ( I had bought ant killer and sprayed the backyard myself with no success).
He then walked me through the procedure he would use to eliminate my problem. I am happy to say my ant problem is gone. Very professional. D. Lynk

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