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Bed Bug Preperation 

Preparation List for Bed Bug Service:

1) Remove all items that cannot be washed or dried from closets, night stands, dressers, walls etc. Place them into sealed garbage bags and leave them in the room for treatment.

2) Remove all sheets, pillows cases, mattress pads, blankets, curtains etc and place items in sealed garbage bags. These items MUST be washed in HOT WATER and dried on HIGH HEAT for at least 30 minutes. Do not place these items back in the contaminated bags. Use new bags and seal the clean items in these bags. Place the contaminated bags in a clean bag, seal and place in garbage to control infestation from spreading. DO NOT place bags back into the room until the Technician gives the OK.
This process  must be used for ALL clothing & any other items that can be washed or dried (no exceptions).

3) Any items that cannot be treated must be placed in sealed garbage bags (to stop the spread of infestation) and removed or put them in the garbage. 

4) The more you can vacuum the better; however remember you have Bed Bugs in the vacuum waste so use the sealed bag/waste disposal procedure. Please advise the Technician about the vacuum and leave it in the room to ensure treatment.

Please remember:
Donations of these items in time just spread the problems to others, please discard instead.
Do not put sanitized clothing, linens etc back into infested room until it is treated and approved by the Technician.
There are chemical free products available to assist with the extermination process/monitoring and to help with your peace of mind.


A CLUTTER FREE WORK ZONE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL TREATMENT AREAS. (Additional costs will apply if area is not properly prepared)

Please view these short films below for excellent information on bedbugs

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