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Bed Bug Preparation 

To ensure a successful treatment of your home/unit, please carefully follow the preparation listed below. Failure to do so will result in a higher chance of a unsuccessful treatment, or possible non treatment of the home/unit.


1. Remove all clothing, sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads, blankets, curtains, and ANY washable/dryable linen and place items in sealed garbage bags. These items MUST be washed in HOT WATER and dried on HIGH heat for at least 30-60 minutes prior to your treatment date. Do not place laundered items back in the contaminated bags, please use new bags and seal the clean items. Place the contaminated bags in a clean bag, seal and place in garbage to control infestation from spreading. This process must be used for ALL washable items. Please store all clean, bagged items in bathtub or one designated low traffic area of the home/unit.

2. Remove all items that cannot be washed or dried from closets, nightstands, dressers, etc. and place into bags for treatment. Your exterminator will advise if the item(s) are untreatable as per the Pest Control Products Act, resulting in the item(s) needing to be sealed off for an extended amount of time or disposed of. Some times may be required to be disposed of depending on the infestation level and bug population locations. Please remember - donations of these items spread the bug problem, please discard instead. 

3. Once items are operated from washable/non washable and the clean items are bagged and placed in the bathtub/designated area, please move all items to one side of each room leaving one side of each room empty, with the other half of the room containing the items ( coffee tables, lamps, couches, chairs, televisions etc. ) This allows the exterminators to treat/sanitize the empty space, allowing then for the items to be treated in a safe, treated location. For smaller locations such as bedrooms where the items cannot be put to one side of the room, please ensure room is cleaned and baseboards are fully accessible. 

4. Please be thorough and diligent with pre treatment vacuuming and cleaning, as this is an important part of your pre treatment. Keeping areas vacuumed and clean such as floors, couches, mattresses etc. play an important role, so the exterminators can work thoroughly focusing on the treatment of bedbugs. Please dispose of vacuum waste in a sealed bag and dispose of after each use.

5. If the infestation is determined to be severe or high, extra prep work may be required to ensure a successful treatment, disposing of items and a second treatment may also be required. Baseboard removal may be required.

After treatment has been completed, please wait two weeks and inform your landlord if you believe issues are still present. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please view these short films below for excellent information on bedbugs

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