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At T and T Pest Services, we are Grey and Bruce's leading residential pest control experts from homes to cottages. With years of experience and a wide variety of custom programs and services, we have a solution for everyone. Guarenteed.

rodent chewing

The most common mammal in North America, mice and rats can wreak havoc on a homeowners assets or a restuarants buisness and bottom line. From residential homes to large corporations and warehouse spaces, we have the solution to a safe and effective rodent control service to keep our customers satisfied. 

cluster fly

If you have ever seen flies coming out of the soil in the spring time and invading homes, garages and barns, you have seen the cluster fly. These insects come by the thousands and seek warmth on and inside structures, typically in rural areas where larger open fields allowing the flies to breed efficiently. T and T has designed a program that resolves any size fly issue. 

spider crawling

Living in Grey and Bruce, spiders are the number one pest we service our clients structures with in the warmer months. From residential homes and cottages, especially along our beautiful shorelines, moisture and insect population attract spiders to your dwelling. We use the highest quality government approved products and equiptment to take care of all of your spider control needs.

earwig crawling

Although it is a common myth that Earwigs will crawl into a persons ear while they sleep, that doesn't seem to make them any less of a pest. Earwigs are a popular service need to our clients every year, but especially in the damper months. Earwigs are mostly nocturnal and enjoy warm, damp moist areas such as garden beds with mulch or areas of poor drainage. With access to professional grade Earwig control products, we've got the treatment for you.


Working with some of Grey and Bruce's largest businesses and corporations, T and T has the experience, knowledge and professional products to service any commercial space. We design programs specifically for our clients, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

carpenter ant

From Carpenter ants to Odorous house ants, Pharaoh ants and everything in between, our experienced technicians will help to identify, treat, and prevent any ant issues our clients may have. With thorough inspection protocols to treatments with the most innovative products available, we guarentee a solution for everyone.


Specializing in Wasp nest removals and preventative maintainence, we've seen it all. Our team has the tools and knowledge to locate, safely remove and prevent any possible future rebuilds. From basketball sized nests to massive colonies inside of walls and attics, we guarantee to keep your structure wasp free.

bedbug crawling

Bedbugs can multiply extremely quickly, so reporting an issue to your landlord or homeowner is crucial to avoid a major infestation. We work with some of Grey and Bruces largest rental companies that have put their trust in T and T to solve all of their bedbug needs. Please contact T and T for further inquires into bedbug treatments and contracts for an inspection beforehand.

cockroach crawling

The German Brown roach and Brown Banded roach are two of Canadas most common. Typically found in kitchens and bathrooms where moisture and food sources are present. With the ability to reproduce tens of thousands of offspring in a single year, first sightings of roaches should be reported. Please contact T and T for further inquires into cockroach treatments and contacts for an inspection beforehand.

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Don't worry, we do it all. Reach out to us for more information!

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